Welcoming Dr. Nolan Dyck to Stadacona St. Medical Clinic

Dr. Braun, Dr. Dautremont, Dr. Rininsland and my hubby, Dr. Brown are seriously excited to welcome Dr. Nolan Dyck to their practice at Stadacona St. Medical Clinic here in little old Moose Jaw.  For fun, and just because I really wanted to, we decided to do a little photo welcome for Nolan. In the old days, putting an ad in the newspaper was a great way to put the news out that a new doc was in town. We thought we would be a little more modern and well…blog about him.

Nolan grew up in Biggar, SK and went to high school in Caronport, SK.  He pursued his medical training at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon.  Yay!  We could use some more home grown boys (and girls) coming back to work in this great little town we call home.  Nolan is a Christian Family Physician. He enjoys all types of medicine and welcomes all ages to come see him if they are in need of a family doctor.

Nolan is happily married to the beautiful and talented Nicole.  He loves to travel, seeking out waterfalls in hot locations or canoeing the Churchill River System.  This summer, as a little grad gift to himself, Nolan took up a new hobby….motorcycles!  Very fun.

Mark and I had the priviledge to meet Nolan and his lovely wife a year or so ago when they were considering where they should settle down.  I, personally, was really impressed with Nolan. One could call it a woman’s intuition, or maybe just plain common sense, but I could tell Dr. Dyck was going to have a fantastic bed side manner.  He came across as a happy, easy-going and bright young man.  I have to say that we are pretty lucky that he and Nicole chose Moose Jaw as a good place to start out.  Let’s welcome them to our community and make them feel really welcome.  It would be in our best interest as a community for them to be really happy here.  🙂  If you would like to book an appointment to see Dr. Nolan Dyck, 306-693-3369. He is open for business.

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Martin | Moose Jaw Newborn Photographer

What a pleasure it was to see my friend, Anelia again.  It always seems too long between our visits.  Life gets chaotic and busy and although it is not a good excuse, it is often the reality for friends who have little people at home. Not to mention, busy farmers….So glad to be able to celebrate little Martin’s arrival with you through these photos. I hope you are able to cherish these memories captured of your beautiful family. 

Dominic | Regina Moose Jaw Newborn Photographer

From Shanghai to Mortlach and back again.  This handsome little fella has been a world traveller while in the womb.  And will probably continue to be for the rest of his life, lucky little guy!  Mom returned home from work in Shanghai to “incubate”, as she so aptly phrased it.  I am sure her family in Mortlach is so thrilled to have she, her husband and this brand new little blessing to enjoy for a few months before they must return to work in Shanghai.  So glad you found me online and that I was able to capture these precious early moments in photographs for you!  God bless as you return to work!  What an incredible opportunity Dominic has to be able to experience other cultures.  I am totally envious! 

Kyle | Moose Jaw Photographer Baby

It was so fun to have little Kyle and his big brother in the studio with me back in January.  Such sweet smiles. I never tire of precious newborn sleepy grins.  How I wish I had really paid attention with my own children when they were brand new like this.  I really don’t remember them smiling.  So glad I was able to capture these for this great family.  Being able to freeze this moment in time makes my little career  so rewarding. Kyle’s papa is a proud member of our Canadian Air Force, so mom found this great newborn aviator hat for his session.  www.etsy.ca  is a great place to look for handmade newborn props if you want something special for your shoot or to put in your baby’s keepsake box.   Hope you love your photos!

Lara | Moose Jaw Grad Photographer

With 2013 grad season approaching, I thought it would be nice to revisit a few shoots that I captured from the 2012 grad season.  We had a blast planning Lara’s grad photographs. Mom wanted some fun vintage style photos with their sweet pooches.  Lara wanted her gorgeous grad dress that is reminiscent of the land of her birth, with its exotic zebra print.  As well as just capturing some fun images of this beautiful young woman as she starts a new chapter in her life.  We chose not to capture these photographs on grad day as she wanted to enjoy the experience and not feel rushed.  Why not wear that beautiful dress mom and dad spent a fortune on… more than once?  Trial hair day worked out perfectly!  We spent about an hour and a half roaming around to the pre-planned locations we chose here in Moose Jaw.  Very fun! If you love the fun masque that we used as a prop….check out  Midektree Designs   right here in Moose Jaw on Fairford St. right across from Town Hall.  I will be accepting a few commissioned grad shoots this spring as long as you are okay with it not being on grad day itself.  Contact me using the contact form if you are interested in more information!  I would love to hear from you!

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